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09 February 2009 @ 08:24 pm
A New CSI Community!  

Thought that I would add this to update this LJ, seeing as it hasn't been touched in a while. I am looking for any CSI fans or Jorja Fox fans like myself for that matter to make this new board come alive. We specialise in CSI:LV, CSI:NY and also CSI: Miami although our main menaing in life is Las Vegas (the original). So if you would like to fill the board with alot of CSI goodness or Jorja Fox/Sara Sidle goodness then go ahead and join up. Registration is free for everyone, just click here to go and view the forum.

You can also go and view my profile, I am going to be posting Jorja Fox/Sara Sidle icons/avatars, banners and signatures there soon once I have college work out of the way. Just clcik my profile name here and enjoy (when I eventually get around to posting all that great stuff. the_technician1
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