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24 September 2007 @ 10:17 pm
Pimp & affiliation post  
Hey guys, just thought I'd pimp some cool Jorja communities out there on LJ :)

jorjalims has started sign-ups for their round 2 LIMS and they are only taking sign-ups for another week! If you wish to participate, please visit the community and get your name in-- quick!

jorjaallaround is our *offical* affiliate currently ;) It's the best damn Jorja community on LJ, so go join if you're not already a member!

Also thought I'd say that if you wish to become an affiliate of foxy_fangirls, post here with your community name and we'll add you :D I also ask if you guys will please, please PLEASE pimp the community. It's kind of dead around here *kicks tumbleweed* I'm trying to revive it enough to become an actual community if you know what I mean.

Pimp and I shall love you eternally :D
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